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The Inspector from Hunan Commerce Department Visited Ronsco for Inspection & Guidance
Date:2022-05-12 17:42:53View:316Tags:Ronsco,Stainless Steel Supplier,Nickel Alloy Supplier

On May 12th, a delegation including Yang Mingwei, the second-level inspector of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Xiao Enbo, consultant of the Changsha Cross Border Trade Association, Peng Ziying, secretary general of the Changsha Cross Border Trade Association, Lin Haiying, executive deputy general manager of Hunan Caisheng International Trade Co., Ltd., and three others visited Ronsco for investigation and guidance. Mr. Edison Wang, the general manager, warmly welcomed the delegation and provided them with a comprehensive overview of our office environment, personnel capacity, enterprise development, and cultural initiatives.


During the forum, President Wang presented a detailed introduction of the company's business model and performance to the leaders. The leaders highly praised the quality and market scale of our company's stainless steel raw material exports. Inspector Yang expressed full affirmation of Ronsco's development and construction.

As a leading stainless steel manufacturer in Hunan Province, Ronsco is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility. We aim to institutionalize and standardize the export of stainless steel raw materials, continuously improve our overseas market share, and strive to make greater contributions to Hunan's foreign trade exports.

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