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The Second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo
Date:2021-09-26 17:17:33View:341Tags:Ronsco,Stainless Steel Supplier,Nickel Alloy Supplier

The Second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo took place in Changsha, Hunan on September 26th, 2021. The event featured a diverse range of activities, including 20 forums, seminars, and online consultations that focused on key emerging sectors such as agricultural products, medical development, infrastructure, and finance. With the participation of over 300 enterprises from more than 40 African countries, the African Commodities Fair showcased a wide array of products. Notably, the exhibition area dedicated to African brand commodities was introduced for the first time.



Mr. Edison Wang, Chairman of the Board of Allianz Steel Group, was honored with an invitation to attend the Expo and deliver a speech at the Infrastructure Cooperation Forum. Allianz Steel Group, a globally recognized supplier of integrated stainless steel, has actively responded to the "Belt and Road Initiative" and has been involved in various infrastructure construction projects in countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Sudan in Africa for several years. Additionally, the company has established a representative office in Ethiopia. At the main venue of the Expo, Ronsco, a subsidiary of Allianz Steel Group, set up a booth to welcome partners from diverse backgrounds for communication and consultation.


Ronsco, as a large-scale stockist of stainless steel coils, sheets, and plates, maintains a regular stock of 3000 tons from reputable manufacturers such as Tisco, Tsingshan, ESS, and ZPSS. The company ensures that all products undergo thorough inspection before delivery, and if necessary, they are open to third-party inspections. Ronsco is pleased to offer free samples and provide the latest quotations upon request. Please feel free to contact us without hesitation!

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